4-inch insulated flat roof vent for Intakes and exhausts. available in one base sleeve height of 12″ tall.Insulating your roof vent can help prevent rapid condensation. Rapid condensation is most often present in winter months where the temperature of the inside air is tempered above the outside air temperature. Most common instances to recommend insulating a roof vent are constant volume exhaust systems such as an ERV, bathroom exhaust and dryer exhausts. All three of these instances will see large amounts of humidity and moisture at they’re point of use. The other major benefit to insulating your roof vent is to prevent the internal temperature of the duct from dropping below the dew point. Not recommended for dryers use RJ4- Dryer or RG4-Dryer for insulated and uninsulated dryer vent options.

Learn more about this superior gooseneck roof termination by scrolling down to view product videos, CAD files, install instructions, and more. For quantities greater than 25 units please Contact Us for bulk discounts.

Items Included 

  • (1) 6 Inch RoofGooseJack Base with Flange
  • (1) 6 Inch RoofGooseJack Lid
  • (1) Built-In Removable Damper Door Assembly
  • (1) 6 Inch Bug Cap With Stainless Steel Screen
  • (1) 4Inch – 6Inch Bushing
  • (5) 8” Roof Fasteners
  • (1) Rubber Gasket
  • R4.7 Insulation

Product Data

Submittal Sheet – RJ4-IE Insulated – PDF

Rj4 ie insulated 11. 30. 21

Cad & Install Details

Generic Install Details – DWG FilePDF File

Roofgoosevent generic install details 2022. 1


Install Instructions

Product videos


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