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Plastic Roof Vent Vs. Metal Roof Vent

The first step in any commercial roof vent installation is an incredibly important part of the process: choosing which type flat roof vent to use for your job.

Many traditional roof intake and exhaust terminations feature a metal construction, but some brands such as RoofGoose Vent utilize a plastic construction. If you’re in the process of selecting the roof vent to use on your next apartment vent installation or hotel vent installation you likely have questions about the benefits of one material over the other. RoofGoose Vents entire lineup of products is certified to be used in all environmental air applications weather it be bathroom exhaust, residential kitchens, ERV’s, Dryers or fresh air intake for HVAC equipment we have a solution for you. Our roof vents are a manufactured solution to an often overlooked and neglected problem within modern construction.

This might sound like a small piece to the overall construction, but it is one that you should choose with confidence. Afterall, you will be installing tens, if not hundreds of whichever vents you need. That’s why RoofGoose Vent has identified the three factors you should consider most when deciding which vents to use for your next apartment vent installation or hotel vent installation.

  1. Weatherproof

Given that intake and exhaust vent terminations are located on the roof, they are exposed to the elements 24/7. It is common for traditional metal roof vents to succumb to the weather over time – rust accumulates, drying sealants begin to fail, joints give way, and degradation is unavoidable. These failure points often present themselves on the exterior of the vent, but the real damage is happening beneath the vent and around the termination. When traditional metal roof vents begin to degrade, they will allow water to infiltrate the built structure often not presenting itself as a problem until major structural damage has already happened.

  1. Easy Install

RoofGoose Vent’s plastic roof vents can be installed in several minutes and require minimal hand tools to do so. Additionally, for maintenance the neck can be removed from the sleeve easily without any tools. Plus, provided the penetration is properly flashed into the roof, there is no need to use sealants to seal the vertical sleeve. These features not only save time on the install, but they also make removal for cleaning a breeze.

  1. Clean Appearance

Plastic flat roof vents offer a significantly cleaner look than comparable metal roof vents. Thanks to the superior UV durability of our proprietary RoofGoose Vent metallic silver plastic your vents will constantly look the same for years to come. As a result, plastic flat roof vents provide all the function you need, without detracting from the appearance of the building on which they are installed. Our patented line of roof vents also has no caulk requirements and when flashed into the roof correctly provide a vastly superior weather proofing.  Plus, the lack of rust accumulation means that over time they will look ever more superior than competing vents.

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